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Meet Shanelle

Mended Pieces Design, is a brand that will offer unique items to accommodate a variety of styles. In addition, to our handmade pieces, our expansion efforts will include a wide range of customized crafts, statement pieces, & more! We are thrilled that you're here and look forward to you growing with us!

The vision is simple, "Wear what you want," & "Do what makes you happy." The desire  to create this brand is birthed from identifying a connection with self-expression through creativity, style, makeup, hairstyles, DIY, crafting & more! There is joy in being unafraid to explore and confidence in being uniquely different.

Although, our plan was initially birthed in 2006, the path I chose for my life pushed me to lay down my tools and abandon the creative, crafty, world I knew and loved. Fast forward ten years... Ten years of brokenness from broken hearts, to broken promises, broken relationships, real tears, frustrations, and even some guilt. It seemed my chosen path was highlighting a season of brokenness, instead of joy, love, peace and sense of accomplishment.

My grandma Ann would always say to me, "Well Nell, you know He won't put more on you than you can bare." I usually didn't want to hear it but the sweet sound of her voice always seemed to give me just a little more fight. It would be nothing short of a full blown "Miracle" that my health would suddenly be attacked and recent events I've encountered nearly took my life. It reminded me much of the last moments I shared with my grandmother, and her wisdom I would surely need during this battle. What seemed as yet another setback was instead a "MAJOR" SETUP that would change the life I knew forever. The creative journey I once knew and loved came rushing back as if it never left.

After suffering a heart attack and emergency open heart surgery at age 35, I felt my time of restoration was drawing near. Our unique brand is the make up of life's challenges, personal development, and clear evidence of the Father's hand leading the way!

Not only did He keep me, I now have a front row seat as "He MENDS all the Broken PIECES together, to create HIS unique DESIGN.



We appreciate you stopping by and thank you for the support!!!